Advocacy Project

For our advocacy project my group and I did it on AB 403 Foster Youth: Continuum of Care Reform, and as a group did a couple of things to advocate and brought awareness about the bill to people. Edna called someone who works in the office of Mark Stone who was able to give us more information about the bill when we had questions.As a group we worked together on a petition letter to bring awareness on the importance of increasing funding needed for AB 403, and the letter is going to sent to three people; Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Member Jim Wood, and Senator Mike McGuire. To have people sign the petition letter the group, individual or with someone table at the quad at different times, in addition we went around campus when we didn’t get many people pass when tabling.In addition we created a brochure informing about the bill and some site they can go to. We also created a website for this bill and includes resources that people can go to if they are interesting to help in any way in the foster care system. The group connected with the Child Development Association Club to promote the film ReMoved this upcoming Wednesday and the film is about one of the many stories of someone being in the foster care system and this film will help to bring awareness on the foster care system.


New Era Near for No Child Left Behind

This article is about considering on wanting to rewriting the No Child Left Behind Act because of the effort congress people were rewriting the federal K-12 law. With congress having that in mind they know revising won’t be easy.


L.A. Unified finally hiring teachers again

The article is about how LAUSD are hiring teachers again after a period of time. The article goes on mentioning how the hiring process goes.

California Dream Act

California Dream Act

Our article is an instructional/ guidebook packet in completing the California Dream Act application. It is connected from the Dream Act that is a bipartisan legislation that addresses to young undocumented people. Some points for the Dream Act is to qualify for AB540 and in addition the students have to apply and qualify for DACA. With many children being immigrated to the United States and not having proper papers, they struggle so much after graduating high school for they don’t qualify for resources that citizens have. In 2001 Dream Act was first introduced in Congress and has gone through many changes up until 2011 where the bill has passed but it has yet to be a law. Within the Dream Act it will permit undocumented students to apply for temporary legal status and eliminate federal provision that penalize in state tuition. There is still an ongoing thing, for there are many who supports it and many who don’t. Many students are eligible and many are not and that is still an ongoing struggle.

  • Samantha Dick, Carolina Vazquez and Yoanna Ventura


Carolina Reflection on Constructivist

I read the book, Early Literacy:A Constructivist Foundation for Whole Language. I read only chapter 1 which is explaining as to what contructivism is. I never heard of a constructivist foundation before, so learning about this made me see connection to things that I already know. My group did different reading but it connected with Piaget who came up with the constructivist foundation. Within the readings from the group one thing that Piaget mentions is about the knowledge in a narrow sense and a knowledge in a broad sense and went into explaining more into detail. An interesting thing that I learn is that language acquisition plays into the constructive process. In the reading I did they gave a great example that made me understand what contructivism is and that is that a child can come up with a hypothesis about objects and put things into relationship. I would like to learn more about this because this are the things that were not taught in class when learning about Piaget.

Carolina Reflection on Reggio Emilia Approach

I read the book, The Hundred Languages of Children: The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education. My group had different books that they read but overall it was base on the Reggio Emilia Approach. Before reading about the model I didn’t know much about the model, and neither did some other members in the group, but after reading and discussing I now know more about what the Reggio Emilia Approach is. My group discussed points as to what Reggio Emilia is, and things that I learned and was amazed is that withing this model they encourage the child to search for the answer of whatever question they have and this was amazing to learn about because usually teachers don’t encourage because it seems that the teachers/adults have all the answers when reality they don’t. This model gives children be more independent to do things that usually is expected for adults to help with.Finally this model is a model that brings the outside inside the classroom. This is a model that I would want to learn more about.

Carolina Reflection on Montessori

The article I chose to read was written by Maria Montessori. Not really knowing much about Montessori, this reading made me learn and gain knowledge as to who was Maria Montessori and what the Montessori Method was. There are things that were I agree about the Montessori Method for some go with my personal teaching philosophy. One thing as a group that we discuss and agree upon is that its good for children to be independent and choose what they want to do for it has many benefits and children will have a positive outlook on stuff.

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